Once in a while we come across one of these drop-out stories – on TV, in books, newspapers and magazines: Some make us smile, others arouse admiration, some head-shaking…


We too not only dared to dream but also to realize our dream. We, i.e. Eva-Maria, graduated coach (MSc, ICF) and business consultant, and Hanspeter, more than ¼ of a century teacher in a private school and responsible for organization development there. During the years that we lived together it turned out clearly that this was not the model of life that we wanted to continue until the end of our professional lives. So we decided to start up again. We bought a little château in the south of France, in the center of the city triangle Toulouse - Albi - Carcassonne, moved here from Austria, and now we offer B&B and holiday apartments in a marvelous, classy ambiance.



  • More than 8000 hours of coaching experience
  • Professional Certified Coach / International Coach Federation
  • Master of Science – Systemic coaching (European Systemic Business Academy, Vienna)
  • Management consultant
  • Diploma in Systemic Family Constellation, Systemic Organisation Constellation, Systemic Structure Constellation (ÖfS)
  • Certified life and social counselor (Wifi, Vienna)
  • Certified kinesiologist


  • CEO Wildi Consulting
  • Since 2000: adult education, trainings and coachings
  • Project management, leadership, employee development
  • Conceptualization, quality management




  • 26 years’ experience of teaching and school management
  • Executive in organization development
  • Executive management of employee & quality development
  • Master's thesis on organisation development (Donau-Universität Krems 2013)
  • Photographer and graphic artist (››references)


2013 arrived in Occitanie.






sustainable development

hanspeter & eva-maria rosenlechner

B.t.w., if you are looking for experts for sustainable organisational and personal development, you have found them.

Eva-Maria & Hanspeter Rosenlechner - Château de Dournès  -  F 81700 Blan -  +33 563 37 22 47 —  info@chateau-de-dournes.fr