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Musée Goya  —  Goya Museum


The extraordinary collection of the Goya Museum in Castres makes this museum unique in France: It is the only one that offers you a complete overview from the Spanish masters of the 14th century up to now, over all Goya - among others  the Caprichos, La Tauromaquia, Desastres de la Guerra and Disparates.

     Artists presented here are Juan Rexach, Velasquez, Murillo, Ribera, Valdés Leal, Alonso Cano, Léon Soulié, Pacheco, Zurbaran, Picasso and of course Goya; the self portrait with eyeglasses,  the portrait of Francisco del Mazo and  The Junta of the Philippines.

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Castres (22km from the Château de Dournes)

Musée Toulouse-Lautrec  —  Toulouse-Lautrec Museum


More than 1,000 works, including his famous posters, are housed in this impressive ‘palace’ museum – the biggest collection in the world! Paintings from his youth, portraits of friends and family, the famous paintings of brothels and prostitutes – alongside his advertisements for bicycles, restaurants, and cabarets - as well as his lithographs, make this collection exceptional.

Not to be missed!


Albi (60km from the Château de Dournes)

Brochures (in French only; pdf files between 3 and 30 MB):

Le Tarn en poche 2014

Vallée du Tarn & Monts de l'Albigeois 2014

Le canal du midi




Le Pays de Cocagne

Guide touristique aux sources du Canal du Midi

Tarn - Loisirs en pleine nature

Tarn - Pays Albigeois et Bastides

Tarn - Bastides & Vignobles du Gaillac

Tarn – Pays Sidobre - Monts de Lacaune

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